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Just A Phone Call Away


A Closer Look

During my playing days, I wrote down many stories and over the years, and I told them to friends and strangers alike. They all said you have to write a book so others can hear about your personal experiences. Just a Phone Call Away is more than a good baseball story – it is about a major journey through the minor leagues experiencing hardships, laughter and hope. JAPCA takes you behind the scenes to some unique situations and allows you to experience some of the craziest tales you have ever heard.

Just A Phone Call Away is Forrest Gump in real life and there is a message of hope throughout the book. No one would believe someone with such a mediocre major league career could have experienced so much with so many famous people and enjoyed so many laughs.

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Praise For Just A Phone Call Away

Great Stories! Great Insight!

I love reading baseball books, especially those written by ex-players. Typically, these books are written by players you know with careers that you are familiar with; but chances are, you won’t remember Scotti Madison and his baseball career. As you will read in his book, he was a fantastic high school player and the first All-American baseball player from Vanderbilt University. He played in the elite Cape Cod League and was drafted in the 3rd round of the Amateur Summer Draft in 1980.

It’s from this point that Scotti Madison begins his wonderful storytelling in “Just a Phone Call Away”. It’s always interesting to find out how a kid who was the best player in his high school and college handles the fact that he is just another good player in the Minor Leagues trying to make it to The Show.

Without spoiling any of the great stories in the book, I can tell you that Scotti Madison turns out to be a lot like the character “Forrest Gump” – finding himself in extraordinary situations with dozens of famous people – mostly with a lot of baseball folks that you will recognize, as well as some interesting people outside the game.

As a baseball fan, I would classify this book as an honest reflection of the trials and tribulations of a smart, talented baseball player trying to pursue his dream of playing Major League ball. Scotti Madison shares his frustrations, his triumphs, his doubts and his fears through this journey.

“Just a Phone Call Away” is a refreshing new perspective from a baseball journeyman and his dream to play Major League Baseball.

Life Happens

If you have stumbled upon the realization that life is more about the journey than the destination, you will love this book! Scotti Madison chronicles his journey pursuing a career in professional baseball. You may not be able to relate to that career path, but you’ll keep turning the pages because you’re hooked by his stories of places, people, and predicaments. Just like Forrest Gump in the Minor Leagues, Scotti’s journey is both humorous and inspirational. You’ll discover with him that life happens while you’re busy doing other things.

Very Entertaining Read

This is a great read for anyone who enjoys stories about baseball, or sports in general. The author’s travel through professional baseball (both the major and minor leagues) have yielded many entertaining stories and he tells them with great detail.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about sports and the ancillary stories that go along with it. This is not a book just about the game of baseball itself — but mainly the journey through it and the people Mr. Madison meets along the way.

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