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Welcome To ScottiMadison.com

I appreciate your taking the time to visit my site, and I want you to walk away with hope and encouragement. I have for years wanted to write a book on the lessons in life my travels have taught me and in the process sprinkle in the laughter that is necessary to keep me sane. I have accomplished this in Just a Phone Call Away.

You can look forward to more books from me in the future. I have so many stories left to tell, and I always look forward to accepting speaking opportunities and encouraging groups from insurance salesmen to orphans and everyone in between. If I can ever be of service to your organization, whether it be sending you personalized books or speaking at one of your events, please contact me. I will do my best to accommodate you and leave you feeling better about today, probably with a smile on your face regardless of your trials and tribulations. God is good; we just forget His goodness sometimes!

Scotti Speaking At FCA Camp

Vanderbilt Hall Of Fame Speech

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